Covering Brexit

The collected cover images from The New European

by Chris Barker

Covering Brexit by Chris Barker

A hard-back record of the Brexit fiasco
for you to treasure forever

What people are saying about it

“Chris Barker's exceptional summations by way of image may do even more to convey the state of the Brexit fiasco than the pithy arguments made inside. More than anyone else, Chris has put the lead in The New European's pencil.”

Duncan Jones

Film Director - Moon, Source Code, Warcraft, Mute

“Important magazine and newspapers are most frequently remembered by their covers. Working with the editor Matt Kelly, Chris Barker has defined the exasperated, urgent outlook of the anti-Brexit paper The New European. His images are instant, explosive, very smart and very funny, the ideas often brilliant.”

“They deserve to be recorded in a book because the represent the definitive week-by-week story for those of us who don't think Brexit is a good idea at all.”

James Brown

Founder of Loaded and former editor of GQ


Cold War Steve

Internet chancer and possible future Turner Prize winner


56 glorious pages documenting the UK's farcical exit from the EU - £25 + p&p